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Trust Administration Services

Serving as a fiduciary for you and your family, Church Organizers Foundation (COF) can administer estates, including multi-generational trusts, and provide asset management services. As a Trustee, COF can help reduce burdens on family members, and provide objectivity, privacy, and efficiency in the estate administration and settlement process. COF is registered to provide trust administration services in the states of Michigan and California. 


Get a Complimentary Voyant Estate & Financial Plan Analysis.

Step 1 - Compete the WealthVision FactFinder in the Link to the right.

Step 2 - Submit a PDF version of the Factfinder In the link to the right.   

Step 3 - Wait for Justin to reply within one week of your submittal.


Note: For investors with a minimum of $50,000 investable assets.

For more information contact Justin Lee our dedicated Paraplanner at .

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