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Comprehensive Gift Planning

Donor-Friendly Proposals

We can help you prepare for the future with a gift plan proposal designed for you. A good gifting plan is a blueprint that helps you confidently save, invest for your future and bless your favorite charities.



CresPro is Crescendo's most popular donor illustration software. Our gift planning services includes everything needed to create a gift plan customized to your goals.

Donor Proposal Software.png

The below illustration is an example of a family gifting to a favorite charity using tax savings to fund an insurance trust which acquires a policy. The charity receives the gift amount. The donor receives an income tax deduction, and the family members receive the insurance proceeds. Some refer to this strategy as giving a gift twice, to your family and to your favorite charity of choice.

Gift and Insurance Trust.png

This illustration is not intended as legal, tax or financial advice. Consult a tax, legal or financial advisor about your specific strategies.

Parents and grandparents hoping to instill a Christlike mindset in children and grandchildren may take joy in knowing that the younger generations are giving. The opportunity modeling for this generation that many creative ways to return a thank offering to the Lord.

Generational Giving.2.PNG
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