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Governance Structure, Philosophy and Approach


Church Organizers Foundation (COF) is a family foundation organized in 2016 to provide expert and independent investment advisory and stewardship consulting services to private clients, churches and other non-profit organizations.


COF is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, approved in the states of California and Michigan.  Investment accounts are held in custody at Charles Schwab. Investment advisory and stewardship consulting services are unaffiliated with Charles Schwab.

COF is Committed to Preserving Frontline Ministry


​Increasingly small and mid-sized churches and non-profit organizations face a shortage of stewardship knowledge in making complex ministry decisions. They struggle to navigate an ever-changing ministry context with increasing financial challenges. 


Through monitoring a dual bottom line, Gospel Impact and Financial Viability COF is committed to supporting and preserving frontline ministries through all seasons.

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The COF Difference

Financial Fiduciaries: As a Registered Investment Advisor, Church Organizers Foundation is a fiduciary and our client's interests always come first.

Classical Stewards: COF promotes training church workers and lay leaders in classical stewardship, monitoring a dual bottom line (Gospel impact and financial viability) and living within your means. So, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is preserved and accessible in all communities regardless of geography or economics.

Faithful Servants: COF is free from "corporate" ideology and influences.

Luther's Large Catechism, First Commandment

Financial resources are simply part of God's creation. Martin Luther wrote, "We receive our blessings not from them, but from God through them," and we should use these blessings and then lay them aside, "as a traveler uses an inn, and food, and his bed only for temporary necessity."

Classical Stewardship 

for Individuals and Churches

Back to the basics of Biblical stewardship, simple accounting by stewards: Gospel alignment, true cost analysis, live within your means and monitor a dual bottom line - Gospel Impact and Financial Sustainability.

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