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About Church Organizers Foundation (COF)

Church Organizers Foundation (COF) is a family foundation organized in 2016 to provide excellent investment advisory services.

COF is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm (Form ADV), approved in the states of California and Michigan. COF provides stewardship services to the public, such as financial planning, asset management, and trust administration for reduced rates or for free to other 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. Investment accounts are held in custody at Charles Schwab-TD Ameritrade


Church Organizers Foundation recognizes that frontline ministry efforts are most vulnerable to scarcity and depravation. To address this challenge COF utilizes vast experience and expertise in the area of church and school strategic financial planning for impactful and sustainable ministries. Access to the very best investment instruments and financial planning tools is key to addressing financial hardships facing churches, pastors and youth. For further information on this subject please read our article published in the Lutheran Mission Matters Journal titled, "The Social Economics of LCMS Stewardship Practice: Aligning God's Supply with Ministry and Missional Goals".


Additionally, COF provides education, training, and advice on stewardship from a classical perspective to help counter these hardships. Classical stewardship at COF means back to the basics of Biblical stewardship, simple accounting by stewards, and a dual bottom line of Gospel Impact and Financial Sustainability. Further, Church Organizers Foundation prepares and promotes scholarly materials and media on classical stewardship history, theory, process, and techniques.


As part of COF's consulting and advisory services to other 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, COF offers the Charity of Choice Granting Program. The goal of the Charity of Choice Granting Program is to promote and empower smaller non-profit organizations to gain financial traction. This program enables customers to participate in directing COF grants to their favorite “Charity of Choice.” COF fulfills our mission by supporting our customers in aligning their ministry and missional goals with God's abundant supply. 



Form ADV

Investment Adviser Public Disclosure

Martin Edward Lee, D.MIN.

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Baby Baptism Ceremony

“Thank you COF for providing these excellent services!”

— St. Johns Lutheran Church, Becky DeWitt, Business Manager

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— Rev. Kurt Lambart, Pastor

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