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Founder's Letter

Dear Visitor,

We are excited to share with you our mission. We hope our mission in some way complements yours.


Church Organizers Foundation (COF) was established to provide investment advisory services to the public, and stewardship services and grants to underserved communities and families, and to other charitable organizations such as churches and schools. COF facilitates stewardship conversations with these communities, particularly those involved in church work. These conversations are meant to foster measurable and meaningful solutions for those communities closest to frontline ministry efforts and most vulnerable to scarcity and deprivation.

While fundraising efforts are important and necessary for all non-profits, competition over finite resources nearly always results in a loss to the smaller, local communities where the funds originate. COF’s goal is to encourage smaller nonprofits, and their leaders, to see that their experiences may be validated through existing dialogue; and nonprofits of all sizes to be attentive and collaborative in partnering to God’s glory and their neighbors’ good. In the marketplace of humanity, forced transactions occur, giving opportunities to put our faith into practice – to love the Lord and love our neighbor. Charitable organizations, such as churches and schools, can partner through alignment of God’s abundant supply toward meaningful local and missional goals. For further information on this subject please read our article published in the Lutheran Mission Matters Journal titled, "The Social Economics of LCMS Stewardship Practice: Aligning God's Supply with Ministry and Missional Goals".


To God be the Glory,

Martin and Anne Lee

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