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Stewarding Investments

Investing with Missional Impact in Mind!

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  • Simple Financial Plan (10 Hours or less)

    Single Issue Planning - 1 goal/issue.
    • Current situation
    • Gross Estate: $1.5M or less.
    • Income: $150K or less.
    • Number of Assets: 8 or less.
    • Types of Assets: Cash accounts only
    • MorningStar Portfolio Analysis & Report
  • Moderate Financial Plan (10-20 Hours)

    Single issue plan, +2 goals or 2 or more of the below.
    • Current situation
    • Gross Estate: $1.5 - $5M
    • Income: $150 - $500K
    • Number of Assets: 9 - 19
    • Types of Assets: Individual securities, sole proprietorship
    • MorningStar Portfolio Analysis & Report
  • Advanced Financial Plan (20+ Hours)

    Multiple issues with multiple facets, or 2 or more of the below.
    • Current and future options in all 6 planning areas.
    • Gross Estate: Greater than $5M
    • Income: Greater than $500K
    • Number of Assets: 20 or more
    • Types of Assets: Limited partnership, REIT, LLC, RE
    • MorningStar Portfolio Analysis & Report

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