Teaming - Getting Started

To start the Foundation will provide a complimentary Evaluation Report and propose a Teaming Plan to meet your professional development objectives.  The evaluation will sample the perspective of key staff and governing board leaders related to your team's behaviors.  What fun!  The evaluation will assist in understanding the need and readiness for change and enable church-school leaders to explore the forces at work in key areas of ministry.  Click here for more information.

It is a three-step process to identify which educational events, the Teaming Plan, will be most benificial to your team(s):

First, the leadership teams complete the church-school complimentry Diagnostic Teaming Tool.  The evaluation will provide scores between 1 to 10, measuring seven dimensions of church-school life together:

  1. Strategy - The way church-schools put their vision into practice.

  2. Authority - The ability to influence decision-making in the church-school.

  3. Process - Measures both information-sharing and decision-making procedures in church-school ministries.

  4. Pastoral and Principal Leadership - The way the pastor and principal go about generating intended change.

  5. Relatedness - Measures the way members of church-school work together, especially if their work is done cooperatively or independently.

  6. Board Leadership - The way board members go about generating intended change.

  7. Learning - Measures a church and school's orientation to the past or the future as it experiments with improving life and ministry.  Click here for more information.

Second, the short questionaire is offered to the church members and school parents for the purposes of gathering qualitative data.  (Optional)  Click here for more information.

Third, the Foundation will score the diagnostic teaming tool, prioritize the responses to the short questionaire, and generate the Evaluation Report and proposed Teaming Plan.  Click here for more information.