The Foundation


The mission of Church Organizers Foundation (“COF”) is to assist private clients, churches, schools, and professional church workers to achieve their missional goals through stewardship alignment. To accomplish this mission, COF is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, approved in the states of California, Florida, and Michigan. Investment accounts are held in custody at Charles Schwab-TD Ameritrade. COF is skilled at providing financial planning and asset management services to private clients, nonprofits, trusts, and endowments. As of December 2021, COF provides advisory services to $52.7 million and has $10.1 million of assets under management. Our core value is our joyful commitment to private clients and nonprofits to be a blessing in the world by monitoring both programatic impact and financial sustainability, a dual bottom line.

Church Organizers Foundation is honored to provide various services at no cost or a reduced cost: 

  • Estate & Financial Planning - Offered free to professional church workers.
  • Endowment Management Services - Offered free up to $250,000, and thereafter, a signficant fee reduction (see Advisory Agreement).
  • Charitable Trust Administration - Offered free, or at a significant fee reducation, when including local congregations as recipients.