Investments & Portfolio Management

Investment Accounts – Traditional Retirement, Roth, SEP, Simple, Beneficiary IRA, Trust, Estate, Joint, Partnership, Corporate, Endowment, UTMA/UGMA, and 529 Plan. 

Three Model Portfolios – Moderately Conservative (FinScore: 44), Moderate (FinScore: 58), and Moderately Aggressive (FinScore: 71).The Model Portfolio FinScores were calculated as of November 2021. Model Portfolios may be adjusted due to portfolio management and the FinScores will fluctuate accordingly, but will seek to stay within their investment profile range.

The FinScore is a third-party score provided by FinMason. This score attempts to measure the risk of a portfolio on a scale of 1 to 100, with 1 being the safest and 100 being the riskiest. Many people find the 1-100 scale more intuitive than some of the statistical ouputs used by investment professionals. Specific points on this scale are roughly in line with how professional asset allocators classify risk:

  • FinScore 10: Conservative
  • FinScore 30: Moderately Conservative
  • FinScore 50: Moderate
  • FinScore 70: Moderately Aggressive
  • FinScore 90: Aggressive


  1. FinScore is calculated using the targeted security and does not factor in equivalency rules.
  2. If the FinScore value is empty, that indicates the model is targeting an unrecognized security, e.g. custom, group, SMA, etc.