Martin E. Lee, D.Min., M.Div. (Series 24, 7, 63 and 65)

Executive Director / Chief Investment Officer

Rev. Dr. Martin E. Lee, D.Min. (Series 24, 7, 63 and 65) -  As Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer, Martin understands that God works through people as a means to accomplish His mission. He focuses on empowering and encouraging leadership teams and defining ministry processes to better promote the Gospel.  He delivers professional development and adaptive leadership training for implementing renewal, revitalization or redevelopment intervention strategies.  Further, Martin understands the financial and economic needs within the religious nonprofit community working as a pastor and a financial professional in both for over two decades. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience providing economic and financial solutions to the unique challenges in this community; specifically, in churchworker financial planning, endowment management, employee compensation plans, employee retirement plans, and capital acquisition (e.g. fundraising).  He has had direct fiduciary oversight of over $50 million in endowment and private client investments on platforms at UBS PaineWebber, LPL Financial, and TD Ameritrade.  Martin is committed to building up the community of faith through organizational stewardship: promoting low cost (or no cost) financial planning for churchworkers; low cost (or no cost) investment management services for churches and schools; and, the continued cultivation of healthy innovations in the day-to-day operational side of ministry. Martin earned a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree from Concordia Seminary and a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree from Concordia Theological Seminary. He completed his doctoral studies in organizational stewardship with a 4.0 GPA. His Major Applied Project (MAP) researched the value of using a visual matrix map to plot relative Gospel impact and financial data of the eight core ministries at Palisades Lutheran Church, Pacific Palisades, California. The research project and resulting Gospel Impact and Stewardship Tool ("GIST") addresses congregational stewardship deficits from a systems perspective, with a share-stewardship imperative for all leaders and members of a congregation, instead of focusing stewardship on the individual. The GIST Ministry Map provides a visual picture of how individual ministries are interconnected. His project illustrated how a learning environment, and the GIST ministry mapping process, help improve stategic decision-making so that a congregation may better partner in the mission of God to make disciples and to seek and save the lost. Through a "dual bottom line" (Gospel impact and financial data) the GIST can help align core ministry efforts for the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Martin's Curriculum Vitae and CRD: 4024387 (

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