Investment Consulting Services

Church Organizers Foundation (COF) offers financial planning in the following areas: 1) retirement accumulation and distribution, 2) major purchase, 3) education; 4) budgeting and cash flow;  5) life, disability, and long-term care insurance; and 6) estate planning and charitable givingClick here for more information.  Consulting Agreement Form

Investment Advisory Services  

Church Organizers Foundation (COF) will provide investment advisory services to include: 1) account type design; 2)  investment policy statement development; 3) investment selection; 4) portfolio management;  and 5) on-going market and investment research.  Accounts are held in custody at TDA Institutional, LPL Financial, and FTJ FundChoice.  Click here for more information.  Advisory Agreement Form

Standard Accounts (Checking/Debit) Cash (Money Market)
Retirement Accounts (Traditional/Roth/403b/401k) Certificate of Deposit (CD)
Custodial Accounts Municipal Bonds
Personal & Charitable Trust Accounts Corporate Bonds
Endowment Accounts Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
Corporate Accounts Mutual Funds
Estate Accounts Stocks



Estate Planning Services

Church Organizers Foundation (COF) refers estate planning where appropriate to the law offices of Anne Schroeder Attorney at Law, to provide a family roadmap and legal services to private clients, church-school workers, and non-profits.  Church Organizers Foundation (COF) does not provide any legal advice or services.  Click here for more information.